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DIRAs destroy lives. The prevailing over-expansive First Amendment regime empowers truly evil people to commit psychological atrocities and economic mayhem with complete impunity. Far from empowering a multitude of voices, the Googlecentric Internet gives a megaphone to malicious geeks who fancy themselves technorati. Evidence to support these and other contentions made on Rapeutation.com can be found in the Altruistic World Online Library, a project of Oestia. Please read the library notice.

Welcome, Scholars!

Whether you are a researcher with a .edu email address, a victim of reputational attacks, or simply one of the many students of life and society researching the phenomenon of Internet savagery, you are welcome here.  The purpose of this site is to provide a searchable database of information pertinent to your area of interest.  Think of it as an extremely purified solution of information that is rich in the search terms that are bubbling through your mind when the topic of your interest is online abuse.  By typing search terms into the box below, rather than into the general Google search engine, you will be dipping your sampling tube into a much richer source of relevant information, and you will be able to see which and how many writers are discussing the same topic, reaching a consensus or divergence of opinions, etc.  So crank up your thinking cap and start punching in search terms.  And remember, when you find what you want, and write your own piece on the topic, a good scholar quotes accurately, provides meaningful context, identifies the author of the original source, and links back to the page where the quote was drawn from, so other scholars can benefit from your research.  Thus, your research will become part of the greater accumulation of knowledge on the topic, complete the cycle of honest information exchange by which we all grow richer.



Table of Contents

A Growing Corpus of Analytical Materials
Gathered together in one place, for easy access, an agglomeration of writings and images relevant to the Rapeutation phenomenon.

Belles Lettres
For the sake of ornament and illumination.

Blood On Their Hands!
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but only words will cut me to the quick. Kill me slow or kill me quick, the victims here remembered had no choice in their fate.

Bulletin Board

Charity Fraud -- It's All About Bears and Cancer

Decent People

Library Notice
Access to scholarly materials is provided for non-infringing purposes only. Use of these materials is subject to the provisions set forth in this subforum. Please read before using the archive.

Library Pictures

Posts from the Cyberwarfare Front by Special Correspondent Charles Carreon

Media Violence Studies
Rapeutationists and DIRA zombies are preconditioned for violent behavior by cinema and video game violence.

Punk Lawyer Writings
Charles Carreon's rambunctious alter-ego holds forth on issues great and small.

Dirtbags for hire. When the Internet gets a conscience, these lowlife cancerous "journalists" will be the victims of the dynamic they created. Their disappearance will be as welcome as the sinking of a garbage scow.

Rapeutation Victims
The rapeutationists call them scoundrels worthy of extermination, then argue that it's unfair to compare their slanderous attacks with physical rape. But your average rapeutation victim is just an average person trying to live their life in peace, and their injuries are identical to those of rape victims, who are not generally physically injured, but bear deep psychic scars due to the loss of security, privacy, and trust for their fellow human beings. Rape is a betrayal of the social contract, different in kind but not in severity from a brutal rapeutation.

You can't survive a DIRA without music.

Still Videos and Transcripts
Read your way through these videos to pick up on the stuff that's always passing you by.

The Free Speech Mafia

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