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Scholar's Jukebox

To study music, you have to listen to it. Music is an essential part of human culture. Often mistaken for a commodity, an error that classifies musicians as manufacturers of tunes, what is modernly called music is often designed for disposability, inoffensiveness, and speedy obsolescence. Not so the music that will be posted here, that will connect you with what is true, good, fine and enduring in humanity's struggle with a difficult, dazzling world.

• 2001: A Space Odyssey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
• Aretha Franklin
• Bauhaus
• Basquiat Original Soundtrack, Music From the Miramax Film
• Beastie Boys
• Bee Gees
• Bettye LaVette
• Big Audio Dynamite
• Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
• Bob Dylan
• Buffalo Springfield
• Burning London: The Clash Tribute
• Butthole Surfers
Cat Stevens
• Concrete Blonde
• Crazy Horse
• Cream
• Cry-Baby Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
• Darken My Fire: A Gothic Tribute to the Doors

• David Bowie
• Desperado: The Soundtrack
Jimi Hendrix
• Joan Baez
• John Lennon
• Nellie McKay
• Neil Young
• New Land: Exodus From Lhasa, by Red Temple Spirits
Phil Ochs
• Southern Man, by Neil Young
• Swaha, by Bhagavan Das & Amazing Grace
• Teenage Lobotomy, by The Ramones
• The City of Lost Children Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Music by Angelo Badalamenti
• The Preacher and the Slave, Played by Harry K. McClintock, by Joe Hill